Proposed Bylaws Change to Be Presented
for a Membership Vote on March 10, 2020

The board of directors recommends adding two non-voting members and removing one in the current bylaws, Article IV, Section 1.

Proposed Changes: 

Article IV

Directors and Officers

Section 1.  General Powers.  Lexington Farmers Market Inc. affairs will be managed by the Board of Directors.  Directors must be residents of the state of North Carolina and must be active or “at Large” members.  Nine members will comprise the Board of Directors, four of which will be “at large”. The “at large” members may be representatives from the Lexington community, Cooperative Extension, Davidson County Tourism Board, or other organizations as deemed necessary.  The remaining five members of the Board of Directors will consist of the elected officers of the LFM Inc. A representative of Cooperative Extension will serve as a non-voting member and advisor for the Lexington Farmers Market. A representative of the City of Lexington will serve as a nonvoting board member and liaison between the market and the city.  The webmaster will also serve as a non-voting board member.

The board recommends replacing the highlighted text above with the following:

The following individuals will be considered non-voting members of the board:

  • A representative of Cooperative Extension, who will advise and assist the Farmers Market

  • A representative of the City of Lexington, who will act as a liaison between the Farmers Market and the City

  • The current market manager

  • The immediate past president of the board of directors